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08:41am 15/12/2005
  All of our merch is in. Buttons, shirts, and cd's can be purchased at all our shows. So next time you see us make sure you come chck out the table. Merch can also be bought online soon. It will be for purchase at our myspace site.

We love all of you,
Doubting Benefit

show show show!!!   
09:01am 09/12/2005
  Hey yall come to the grand opening of Ed and Tyson's venue, The Red Carpet... Come see bands like:
Runner Up, This Solemn Vow, Doubting Benefit, My Getaway and Pathway to Providence. You dont want to not be there...unless you suck.


First United Methodist Church
305 Dunlawton Ave.
Port Orange, FL 32127

Start @ 5pm

(no this is not a "church concert" its just at a church)

Be there or be fatuglypunkrawkstupidmonkeyfacenicemeanhappysadpickingyounose moneymakinwhorehmygodiwanttoshootmyselfjustthinkingaboutit.

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12:04pm 24/11/2005
mood: busy
Hey everyone. Its been a really long time since our last update but...

Ed is getting his synthesizer real soon and it will be play on the new CD which is to be recorded in Febuary. Ed is also starting his own venue at First United Methodist Church of Port Ornage with Tyson Cowels. The venue is called The Red Carpet. The grand opening is December 9. The Show starts at 5pm and will end around 10pm. The bands featured will be Punchbright, From Nowhere, This Solemn Vow, A Remedy Of This, Pathway To Providence, Runner Up, My Getaway and Doubting Benefit.

Tickets are $5 in advance and $7 at the door. You may want to get there early because with bands like Runner Up, My Getaway and This Solemn Vow, there will be alot of people.

All our merch (shirts, buttons, CD's) will be available at this show.

God Bless,
Doubting Benefit
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09:12am 10/11/2005
mood: anxious
MERCH MERCH and more merch...

where are getting shirts printed as we speak.
buttons are being designed.
more cds are being copied.

give us your money.

-ed of Doubting Benefit
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08:38am 28/10/2005
  come to our show tonight at

1687 W.granada blvd.
ormond beach, fl 32127


be there!

love always,
09:07pm 21/10/2005
  Hey yall,
the accipiter compilation CD's were sold today. They sold out. That mean Doubting Benefit will be heard in the ears of over 100 kids. There were other good bands on the CD too, such as Argo, Punchbright, AROT, Ghosts on TV, AWFM, and Pathway To Providence. IF you didnt buy one you missed out.

later gators
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09:24am 21/10/2005
mood: happy
hey guys here is some updates...Chris of Runner Up is designing t-shirts for Doubting Benefit. There will be 4 different designs to choose from. All shirt will be $10 and will be selling buttons for $1. All merch should be ready to be sold at our shows after November 15.

here are two of the designs:
angel of war
Angel of War Tee

Tree tee
Tree Tee

tell us what you think

love always,

P.S. we are gonna be in the studio early spring record our first full length albulm. get your butts ready.
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So this is it, where it all begins...   
10:41am 20/10/2005
mood: anxious
What's up everyone? This is a site where you can find out about all things Doubting Benefit. Customization will be done as soon as I get done being so lazy. thanks for joining...

love always,